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Faculty Faculty of Health and Social Sciences (FZS)
Study programme Social Policy and Social Work (B6731)
Branch of study / Specialization Social Work in Public Administration (6731R023/0 - 2)
Level of acquired qualification Bachelor
Form of study Full-time
Standard length of study 3 years
Number of ECTS credits 180
Qualification awarded Bachelor (0)
Access to further studies Master study programme  
Type of completion
Study and Examination Code URL
Faculty coordinator for international students unspecified
Key learning outcomes The goal is to prepare employees with university degree for professions in social work in all areas of public administration, i.e. social security in social administration, public administration and consulting in social security. It is the preparation of a knowledgeable professional with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the system of social work with the client and in compliance with European trends to minimize direct and indirect consequences of permanent or long-lasting problem of individuals.
Specific admission requirements Entrance examination - subjects related to the chosen study field
Specific provisions for recognition of prior learning There are no specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning.
Qualification requirements and regulations Secondary education with secondaryschool leaving certificate.
Profile of the programme academical
Persistence requirements unspecified
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples The graduate from the study will master all components of social policy, social work, law, economy and management to such degree to be able to perform them by himself or herself or to provide for organization of the relevant service as needed. The selected disciplines of law and social security delimit the area of legal issues in the context of the knowledge needed for performance of the profession.
Branch of study / Specialization guarantor Mojžíšová Adéla, doc. PhDr. Ph.D.
Study proceeds according to individual study plan under the guidance of a supervisor. It concentrates on research and independent creative work.