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Faculty Faculty of Science (FPR)
Study programme Molecular and Cell Biology (P1515)
Branch of study / Specialization Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics (1515V009/5 - 1)
Level of acquired qualification Doctoral
Form of study Full-time
Standard length of study 4 years
Number of ECTS credits 240
Qualification awarded Doctor (8)
Access to further studies The doctoral degree is the highest possible level of education in Czech education system.  
Type of completion State Doctoral Examination and dissertation defense.
Study and Examination Code URL
Faculty coordinator for international students
Klementová Šárka, doc. RNDr. CSc.
Phone: +420387772292
Key learning outcomes The degree "Doctor (Ph.D.)" ensures that the graduates are equipped with the necessary skills and methodological knowledge to undertake original research in their chosen field of study. They have all the necessary pre-requisites for leading positions in a broad array of biologically oriented fields of research and management. Graduates are expected to launch their professional careers at research and educational institutions, including universities, at institutes of applied research, in public and state authorities, commercial concerns, and in specialised medical and veterinary laboratories.
Specific admission requirements unspecified
Specific provisions for recognition of prior learning unspecified
Qualification requirements and regulations unspecified
Profile of the programme academical
Persistence requirements unspecified
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples unspecified
Branch of study / Specialization guarantor Doležal Tomáš, doc. Mgr. Ph.D.
Undetermined year
Winter Summer
KMB/805 (2)
KMB/800 (28)
KMB/806 (10)
OJZ/950 (8)
OJZ/940 (0)
KMB/907 (5)
FPR/D1 (0)
Sum of ECTS credits
for compulsory courses 53
The student can choose the courses from the following course offer beyond their study obligations.
FPR/803 (24)
KMB/182 (2)
FPR/801 (8)
FPR/802 (16)
KMB/215 (8)
KMB/622 (5)
Sum of ECTS credits
for compulsory courses 0
From offered courses student has to register for sufficient number of courses so that the sum of their ECTS credits is 30 , recommended are:
KMB/217 (5)
KME/615 (3)
KMB/223E (5)
KMB/602E (4)
KMB/618 (5)
KMB/613 (6)
Total 60 credits
Total 240 credits