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Faculty Faculty of Education (FPE)
Study programme Specialization in Pedagogy (P7507)
Branch of study / Specialization Information and communication technology in education (7507V066/0 - 1)
Level of acquired qualification Doctoral
Form of study Full-time
Standard length of study 4 years
Number of ECTS credits 180
Qualification awarded Doctor (8)
Access to further studies The doctoral degree is the highest possible level of education in Czech education system.  
Type of completion State Doctoral Examination and dissertation defense.
Study and Examination Code URL
Faculty coordinator for international students
Krátká Lenka, Mgr.
Phone: +420387773048
Key learning outcomes The main goal of the study is to prepare specialists to gain the ability of creative work in research and further development of their specialization.
Specific admission requirements The applicants will be accepted on the basis of an interview.
Specific provisions for recognition of prior learning Applicants must be graduate of master paedagogical studies of computer science. For applicants - not graduating informatics studies is obligatory to pass the key subjects of master study of computer science.
Qualification requirements and regulations Applicants level of knowledge, knowledge of relevant literature, the prerequisitesfor obtaining a deeper knowledge and for individual creative professional activity.
Profile of the programme academical
Persistence requirements unspecified
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples Graduate students can work as: -teachers, methodists at secondary schools and faculties preparing future computer science teachers -authors of educational content in different forms and for different type of study including the distant one -researchers or developers at the field of informatics, especially in didactics (theory of education) -researchers interesting in using IT in educational context.
Branch of study / Specialization guarantor Vaníček Jiří, doc. PaedDr. Ph.D.
Status Recommended year of study Recommended semester Course code Course title (* Final State Examination) Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
A Compulsory - - KIN/XEAP English for Academic Purposes English 10  
A Compulsory - - KIN/XCO3 Consortium Seminar III Czech 5  
A Compulsory - - KIN/XSD3 Thesis Seminar III Czech 10  
A Compulsory - - KIN/XSD2 Thesis Seminar II Czech 10  
A Compulsory - - KIN/XSD1 Thesis Seminar I Czech 10  
A Compulsory - - KIN/XSDZ State Doctoral Examination Czech 0  
A Compulsory - - KIN/XCO2 Consortium Seminar II Czech 5  
A Compulsory - - KIN/XCO1 Consortium Seminar I Czech 5  
B Compulsory option - - KIN/XCSIC Creating School Informatics Curriculum Czech 10  
B Compulsory option - - KIN/XDM Data Mining Czech 10  
B Compulsory option - - KNJ/XPPVN Computer-based learning of German language German 10  
B Compulsory option - - KIN/XPUWN Unreviewed Scientific Paper in Foreign Language Czech 25  
B Compulsory option - - KPSY/XTCIE Trends and current issues in education Czech 10  
B Compulsory option - - KIN/XIMS Information Management in Science Czech 10  
B Compulsory option - - KIN/XGAM Graph Algorithms in MAPLE Czech 10  
B Compulsory option - - KIN/XCNFZ Scientific Conference Abroad Czech 15  
B Compulsory option - - KIN/XCNFT Home Scientific Conference Czech 10  
B Compulsory option - - KPSY/XSMIR Selected Methodological Issues of Educational Research Czech 10  
B Compulsory option - - KIN/XAES Authoring e-learning systems Czech 10  
B Compulsory option - - KIN/XPUCR Reviewed Scientific Paper in Czech Czech 20  
B Compulsory option - - KIN/XCALM Computer Assisted Learning of Mathematics Czech 10  
B Compulsory option - - KIN/XPUCN Unreviewed Scientific Paper in Czech Czech 15  
B Compulsory option - - KMA/XAPT Applied Probability Theory Czech 10  
B Compulsory option - - KPSY/XMQAR Methods of a qualitative and an action research Czech 10  
B Compulsory option - - KIN/XPUWR Reviewed Scientific Paper in Foreign Language Czech 30  
B Compulsory option - - KPSY/XECSD Emotions and Coping with School Demands Czech 10