Course: Use and protection of water resources

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Course title Use and protection of water resources
Course code KKM/QOCHV
Organizational form of instruction Lecture
Level of course Master
Year of study 1
Semester Summer
Number of ECTS credits 4
Language of instruction Czech
Status of course Compulsory-optional
Form of instruction unspecified
Work placements unspecified
Recommended optional programme components None
  • Moravcová Jana, Ing. Ph.D.
Course content
Lecture: 1. Introduction to the basic concepts of conservation and management of water resources 2. Legislation relating to the protection and use of water resources 3. Physical properties of water 4. Characteristics of the basic elements in waters 5. Biogeochemical cycles of elements 6. Evaluation of water quality 7. Comparison of various water quality standards 8. Development of water quality in streams 9. Development of water quality in reservoirs 10. Mineral Water 11. Adjustment water into potable water, wastewater treatment 12. Protection of water resources, the design of protective zones of water sources

Learning activities and teaching methods
Monologic (reading, lecture, briefing), Work with text (with textbook, with book)
  • Preparation for classes - 30 hours per semester
  • Class attendance - 12 hours per semester
  • Preparation for exam - 48 hours per semester
Learning outcomes
The aim of this subject is to inform the audience about natural waters quality and about possibilities of their protection and bettering.Physical water characteristics, characteristics of particular parts of hydrographical network. Water quality evaluation according to the way of use, surface water biology, trophic potential, saprobity, revitalization effect. Water accumulation. Protective zones, self-purification and water purification. Material flow and cycles in nature, water chemistry. Water resources management, their usage, water protection necessity. Water use in agriculture and in rural settlement. Agricultural management in water utilization important areas - water accumulation, zones of hygienic protection. Use and protection of waters in forestry. Water supplying use of surface waters and their protection. Water use for fishery and poultry breeding. Small water reservoirs in agricultural landscape and in protective zones. Medical and recreation use of waters. Surface and underground water resources. Water technology in industry and agriculture. Water pollution from industry and agriculture. Important water utilization systems in the Czech republic. Technical legislature.
Ability to assess the quality of water according to the source of pollution and use of water, a brief introduction to the possibility of modeling the quantity and quality of water
Basic knowledge of chemistry, geography and GIS

Assessment methods and criteria
Written examination

Credit requirements: Submission of seminar work Examination Requirements: Written test
Recommended literature
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  • Chapman, D. Water Quality Assessments. New York: Taylor and Francis, 2007. ISBN 978-0419216001.
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Study plans that include the course
Faculty Study plan (Version) Category of Branch/Specialization Recommended year of study Recommended semester
Faculty: Faculty of Agriculture Study plan (Version): Agricultural Ecology (2017) Category: Agriculture and forestry 1 Recommended year of study:1, Recommended semester: Summer
Faculty: Faculty of Agriculture Study plan (Version): Agricultural Ecology (2017) Category: Agriculture and forestry 1 Recommended year of study:1, Recommended semester: Summer