Course: Didactics of Basic School

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Course title Didactics of Basic School
Course code KPEG/DIZZ
Organizational form of instruction Lecture + Seminary
Level of course Bachelor
Year of study 2
Semester Winter
Number of ECTS credits 3
Language of instruction Czech
Status of course Compulsory
Form of instruction unspecified
Work placements unspecified
Recommended optional programme components None
  • Krninský Luboš, Mgr. Ph.D.
  • Žlábková Iva, PhDr. Ph.D.
Course content
1st Subject of Education, relationship to other disciplines, basic concepts, principles. 2nd The system of teaching 3rd Teaching methods 4th Teaching methods 5th Problem and design instruction 6th Organizational forms of education, individualization of instruction. 7th Teaching resources. 8th Diagnosis of teaching process 9th Relationship of teacher and pupil in the classroom 10th Personality of pupil, the process of acquiring knowledge and skills. 11th Communication in education. 12th Movement of new education and the benefits of alternative education for the modernization of teaching. 13th Basic educational documentation.

Learning activities and teaching methods
Monologic (reading, lecture, briefing), Dialogic (discussion, interview, brainstorming)
Learning outcomes
Discipline is focused on the mastery of basic concepts of the theory of teaching and educational relationships in the educational process, to clarify the development of didactic and pedagogic action due to social changes. Helps students in the focus of contemporary changes in attitudes and concepts of teaching.
The student should have an overview of the fundamental concepts for further career development in the study of didactics. In particular, should: to understand the structure of teaching process have an overview of classical and stimulation methods-methods for development of creativity and activity have a vision of planning teaching and evaluation of its results, have an overview of current efforts to upgrade teaching as well as conventional alternatives.
not require

Assessment methods and criteria
Oral examination

Knowledge of basic concepts and orientation in the recommended literature, activity in seminars and one report during the semester. Accreditation test.
Recommended literature
  • Badegruber, B.:. Otevřené učení ve 28 krocích. Praha, Portál. 1994.
  • Cangelosi, S. Strategie řízení třídy. Praha, Portál, 1993. ISBN 80-7367-118-2.
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Study plans that include the course
Faculty Study plan (Version) Category of Branch/Specialization Recommended year of study Recommended semester
Faculty: Faculty of Education Study plan (Version): Common module (1) Category: Pedagogy, teacher training and social care 2 Recommended year of study:2, Recommended semester: Winter