Course: Fish and Crayfish Diseases

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Course title Fish and Crayfish Diseases
Course code VURH/NERAN
Organizational form of instruction Seminary
Level of course Doctoral
Year of study not specified
Semester Winter and summer
Number of ECTS credits 5
Language of instruction Czech, English
Status of course unspecified
Form of instruction Face-to-face
Work placements This is not an internship
Recommended optional programme components None
  • Piačková Veronika, MVDr. Ph.D.
  • Svobodová Zdeňka, prof. MVDr. DrSc.
Course content
Problems of diagnostics, therapy and prophylaxis of viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitical and noninfect diseases of fish and crayfish in accordance with valid veterinary rules of the Czech Republic and European Union is the content of this subject. Interest to ornamental and aquaria fish and health program in aquaculture technologies is also paid.

Learning activities and teaching methods
Dialogic (discussion, interview, brainstorming), Work with text (with textbook, with book)
  • Preparation for exam - 125 hours per semester
Learning outcomes
1) To inform students about veterinary questions of fish and crayfish breeding in aquaculture as well as in wild waters. 2) To teach students practical carrying out of the diagnostic of fish and crayfish diseases focusing on the newest diagnostic methods. 3) To teach students right evaluation of the health status of fish and crayfish and make a suggestion of measures on the basis of the anamnesis, results of laboratory diagnostic and epizootologic investigation.
The student should be able to diagnose correctly fish and crayfish disease and suggest appropriate therapy. He should also be able to assess the possibilities of prophylaxis in a particular breed.
The subject should be based on previous studies of fish diseases and aquatic toxicology of master studies, on ichthyology, hydrobiology, fish farming, or other disciplines involving the biology of aquatic organisms.

Assessment methods and criteria
Oral examination

Demonstration of orientation in the field during consultations. Self-study of recommended literature.
Recommended literature
  • Edward J. Noga. Fish Disease: Diagnosis and treatment, 2nd edition. Willey-Blackwell, 2010. ISBN 978-0-8138-0697-6.
  • Eiras, Segner, Wahli, Kapoor. Fish Diseases. 2008. ISBN 978-1-57808-438-8.
  • Galina Jeney. Fish Diseases, Prevention and Control Strategies. Academic Press, 2017. ISBN 9780128045640.
  • Jaroslav Doubek. Veterinární hematologie. Brno, 2003. ISBN 80-86542-02-5.
  • Josef Velíšek a kol. Vodní toxikologie pro rybáře. Vodňany, 2014. ISBN 978-80-87437-89-6.
  • Navrátil, Svobodová, Lucký. Nemoci ryb. VFU Brno, 2000. ISBN 8085114925.
  • Svobodová a kolektiv. Toxikologie vodních živočichů. SZN Praha, 1987.
  • Zdeňka Svobodová a kolektiv. Nemoci sladkovodních a akvarijních ryb. Praha, 2007. ISBN 978-80-7333-051-4.

Study plans that include the course
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